October 31, 2012

Fashion Haul and Halloween

First off I wanna say Happy Halloween everyone! (Since Halloween I have excuse to talk Halloween la)

 I don't see how dressing up and threating people for candy is "celebrating".  People always ask me around this time "Do you celebrate Halloween?". ASDFGHJKL!!! Of course I am the only one who reacts like this. I  don't know.  I'm just being ignorant I guess la.  But forreal Halloween isn't a holiday Y'ALL.  X-mas.....now that's a holiday. /rant

I'm not costume-y.  Last year, and the year before I used my fab makeup skills to pass a costume.  Freebies, from everyday items.  this year I went the extra mile and bought fake-blood.  Not zombie, not sexy la.  Vampira.  I also went a little weeaboo when I was playing testing the blood.....gave myself a nosebleed like those anime pervert teens new to acne and puberty. 

Anyways you probably are guessing about today's post from the title.  Yes I went on a haul!  Can I start calling it a haul, or is that only in rl.  Did I just go to far.  Oopsie-Poopsie (first and last time saying that lol).  I went crazy over Antelopes clothes and Sugi's shoes!  Super combination those two are.  I wanted to try something new (as usual), so I made all images transparent instead of adding a backdrop.  I like it!  It looks like stickers.  Someone should turn these into stickers on IMVU for me to use *WINKY FACE* *HINT HINT* *COUGH COUGH* k.  Somehow when I blog the post always somehow refers back to me.  I'm so  conceited, egocentric, self-centered, ostentatious, vainglorious (my fav), ect.  Yada..yada..   

Ok for real though....I am in love with Antelope's clothing from the dresses to the tanks!  And coincidentally Sugi's flaw-less shoes go well (with anything).  Sugi's style is alot like my current style today sort of grungy punk fashion.  Here I am talking about myself again.......should end here lol.  Hope you enjoy, and be safe tonight! ^_^   (Lookbook coming soon!)

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October 28, 2012

Cozy Room to Survive the Fall

For the past however many days I was out I had bloggers block, dammit!  I'd literally log into blogger, sit and stare at my blank screen, and then go watch some t.v.  Sad life, I live.  And you're probably thinking something like...."Cuppi it's Halloween, do Halloween post stupid."  NO!  I wanna make a non-expected post.  Coz I'm a fucking hipster!  I kid.  Do hipsters still exist??

Today's post is about my old-lady taste in furniture.  I'd assume a woman in her mid-50's going through that crisis, would find my taste appealing.  I know this because I am secretly 50.

I wanna try something new!  So for the top of this entry, I'm going to show you the room!  But at the bottom I'll be talking about the movie Sinister, because I went to go see it!  I'm a big horror movie junkie.  Laying alone huddled in my blanket at 2'o clock in the morning watching a scary movie....Story of my life.  So ya if you haven't seen that movie, make sure to read it ^_^ !

I like to clash vintage and modern together. It's fall  I sorta wanted to do a cozy, sleepy, relaaaaaaaxing room.  And when you think about kawaii, you don't think of cozy, more of a colorful, playful, so bright you get a headache (not hating).

I've adapted the Japan sizing of everything.  You know everything is so small.  If you ever went to Wendy's their small would be a large in Japan (unless the lady messed up my order and gave me a large wtf).  I really like for my stuff to be close together idk I'm weird.   For instance I love love love apartments!  I don't think I've ever dreamed of living in a mansion and riding everywhere in a limo, ew.  LONG STORY SHORT MY ROOM IS TINY, K?

I really love tumblr shit.  I can totally tell those two pictures have speculated Tumblr.  I'm in love with the grey one because I've felt that feeling before *sigh*.  Also love the second one because....I mean who wouldn't want to be surrounded by daises? Perfect place to take pictures, omg.  Google searching field of daisies now.  And of course some books, mah coffee, and an old rocking chair.  Life.

I love to paint!  Except I'm really horrible (not on IMVU apparently).  I can only draw chibis well, because I'm half Japanese, it's in my blood lol.  Modern clashes with vintage.  Can you see it?  Good.  Cozy fireplace, so niiiiice.  Can this be my house in rl?  K, thx.

The only thing I like big, is my couch (and....)!  Reason 1:  I do not like being within a 1 foot radius of anybody.  Reason 2:  I want to be able to lay down, and I'm pretty sure others want to lay...so again refer back to reason 1.  Reason 3:  I like my ass to be cushioned.  Modern looking fireplace.  As well as the lights.  Something about those lights....they stick to me like ribs.  They're in every room I make. Why?

PIANO! PIANO! PIANO!  I love pianos.  I just......cannot function without them.  It's like people with nicotine.  Cigarette break = my piano break.  And  this piano in particular can play a, piano radio station.  Please pinch me.  Less cluttered here because the piano is literally the center piece of the room.  Nothing but piano. MmmMmmmm.  Is it legal to marry the piano?


Today I'm wearing a sophisticated look.  High bun, blazer, killer heels (literally).  It's just perf.  


OK NOW SINISTER.   Holy hell that movie was scary.  Like I said before I'm a horror movie junkie, and this just made my top 10.  Congrazzles.  Literally as I watched this movie I noticed I was huffing alot like I just ran a marathon wtf, loud-ass heart beat included.  The movie wasn't an "omg I just peed myself".  But....I don't know.  Not a movie critic, can't explain la. The movie deals with the occult.  Speaking of occult I know where to buy a kawaii occult shirt.  LOL.  I was tempted to buy it.  But I think the lawn mower scene was just....HORRIFIC.  And the soundtrack with the numbers stations effect.  Scary.  Everything was on point scary.  The movie, sound effects, soundtrack.  Good job.  It wasn't that typical white girl goes to basement coz hears noise (no hate).  No no no.  I enjoyed it.  However I have to see it again today, because I closed my eyes for the last 30 minutes of the movie (couldn't take it anymorez).  Imma chicken.  Yes.   GO SEE NOW.  
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October 14, 2012

Kawaii Kigurumi Costumes

K, lemme just get the elephant out of the room and say, YES I GOT A NEW LAYOUT!  As honey boo-boo would say it's "smexy".  I gotta stop watching that show.

I'm super proud of myself.  I did it all by myself!  Check check & check, for everything I wanted on my blog.  /gloating

Moving on, Halloween is coming!  When you think about Halloween it's usually zombies, ghouls, & slutty costumes.  But not me.  Halloween = Kawaii.  Does that even make sense?  Originally I wanted to do like a 7 day challenge of costume finds, but I sadly don't have the time.  Why can't days be longer?  24 hours isn't enough. Honestly.

This weeks find comes from Cakes!  It's a kigurumi.  I love kigurumi's I always find them at anime conventions.  I'll never own one though (they're fucking expensive).  Why are convention sales always 2x the original price?  I'm gonna protest.  Who's with me?

Anyways back on topic.  Kigurumi's are so kawaii, and like the easiest costume to wear.  It's also warm & cozy, because it's always chilly Halloween night.  Cakes was nice enough to make 4 different kinds!  A panda, a pink panda, Rilakkuma, and Korilakkuma.  And today I'll be showing all 4!  Lucky day.  Also I'm excited to present my photos in extra-large. W00T!  I hope you enjoy~ (My fav is Rilakkuma!)

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October 8, 2012

Careless Fashion #9 : IMVU Japanese Fashion

Hey guys! Careless Fashion. Right here, right now. LET'S GO!
Update 10/9/2012: I just noticed careless fashion isn't in my cute little green apartment anymore.  How careless of me.....ohohoho.

Today's careless fashion is a spin-off of the Japanese mode fashion!  Featuring a sassy ponytail. Pony powers!  I eat kawaii for breakfast. Also I just wanted to say again for the trillionth time...I REALLY APPRECIATE YOU GUYS READING MY BLOG! xoxoxo hugs & kisses, like foreverz.

Click pictures to ENLARGE!!

Less is more right?  So let's play with only one accessory!  Today's accessory is this collar that I'm never taking off, it's perf!!! It's from Seniha88!  It's like the cutest thing in the world!  How did I live without this?

This dress can seriously stand on its own.  No accessories needed.  Looooove it.  By CAL.  CAL is always creating.  Whenever I need to catch up with the latest trends, all I gotta do is hit up CAL.  Love all work.  Pinstripes!  And the lovely boots by Rax.  So kawaii~ and innocent looking. Gloves also by CAL!

Sorry but I just had to put a conceited picture of just my face.  I'm not naked.  I don't do nudez.  
Such a quick post.  I know.  This weekend however, I'm freeeee! So a post (real post) will be heading your way guys.  Again thanks for being patient!  Please don't call child services, I won't neglect you anymore.  Till then. xoxo.  Smooches.

p.s: I cannot wait till Halloween >_< !!
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October 1, 2012

IMVU Experience

To my readers,

I know I am two weeks late wtf, and I am super sorry for abandoning my readers like I do all the time!
But this time I have two (really stupid) excuses that'll probably make your eyes roll.

1.)  As I was writing a blog entry a GIGANTIC cockroach just ninja'd himself outta no where onto my keyboard.  And lemme just say I'm a very clean person, so I don't know where the hell that THING came from.  Swear my face was like this "ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ FlipsTable.jpg".  But here's where it gets worse.  I literally fell outta my chair, and ran as fast I could to safety (behind the door).  As I was peaking, swear dat nasty looked me in the eye, waved at me, and just went deuces.  So for two days....TWO DAYS I didn't touch my computer.  Till one day I gained enough courage and came back. I started typing and fifteen minutes later, this butthole shows his face to me.  He waved at me, but I was like "Not uhhh, not this time".  Bang bang.  I hit him with my shoe.  DOUBLE TAP! Like I said before, such an eyeroll, lip smacking, story.

2.) After the cockroach experience,  I logged into blogger gathered all my photos together.....and then it hit me!!!!  These photos are to grunge, and do not match my blog at all !!  If I added these photos I'd have to change my URL to "GrungiestIMVU" wtf.  However these photos were going to showcase the creator Victor3DCG's beautiful creative rooms .  So go check out the rooms, they're super original.   I love it!  I'm only showing one picture because it'd just mess up the kawaii-ness of my blog (that is dangerously low, because I can't get out of mode/grunge).  Obviously not the best photo I took.  #camerawhore


So here's the dealio.  Unfortunately this week I will be going to Florida for a party, so no posting this week.  However I will be doing my occasional stalking, so leave a message on  either this post itself or on the Kawaii ChitterChatter Chat box to the left, lol mouthful.  You can even leave a message on my gmail "kawaiiestimvu@gmail.com".  But you guys are so shy, so #foreveraloneme. I'll be sure to post next week, if you want you could leave ideas! That'd be spectacular (even send your own pics omg).  Love you readers, mwah x.
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