March 28, 2013

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ It's Over 9000 !!!! Happy Birthday KawaiiestIMVU

kawaii imvu

Can you believe it?? KawaiiestIMVU has been up for a year (Technically a year and 27 days.  The blog was born March 1, 2012. I'm laaate. I know!) 1 year of KAWAIINESS! Whenever people thank their fans they always say something along the lines off.."I couldn't do it without you guys" and I certainly have to say the same. Honestly! I'm not bs-ing you guys to try and sound polite. Like continuing to post on this blog is all because of you guys. Sadly I never got support or influences by friends. I mean I love my friends and all, but very rarely had any of them asked how the blog was going. Many times I'd ask a friend to read a post and they'd forget my URL. *holds back tears* But my kawaii readers giving me support, and sending me cute messages always ALWAYS keep me on my feet. So yes I want to thank you, all of you!! Even if you never posted a commented, ...or maybe just checked back occasionally thank you. Just thank you. And on this birthday month, you guys gifted me with yet another amazing gift.....OVER 9000 READERS! WAHHH! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am filling my house with tears of JOY! 

I love you guys to Pluto and back. Mwah! xoxo 

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March 20, 2013


kawaii imvu

Today I have become a sticker!! YAY! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
(Stick me on your fridge lol)

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March 14, 2013

Anime Con and Winter sickness (´・_・`)

Hey everybody! I just wanted to make a quick post and say sorry I wasn't able to post a Careless Fashion within this week. I had a very bad cold (the day of Momo-con), and for the first time I got dry eye wtf. Momo-con was fantastic, and I felt at home. I don't know how to explain, but all of your favorite characters in one room is very.. touching wtf? I saw Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Dragonball-Z, ect. All those childhood animes. And...I just wanted to cry--because they were like my heros ok. I don't know. It's an experience you have to experience yourself. So in short I wasn't able to get on IMVU, let alone touch my computer because my eyes were badly fatigued. However I'm feeling much better now to post! Except no promises, because it's my close friend's birthday Saturday. Wahh. I'm sorry. I love you mucho tho. xoxo

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March 5, 2013

Yummy Grunge!

Hello hello helloooo! Valentines was a blast yes? And it's weird.....right after Valentines, days were set to smooth sailing. Where did the days goOooOoOooooOOo? Sorry I haven't been blogging these past weeks. Along with busyness at school (wtf busyness is a word?), some family problems came up. Wahh....BUT-- I AM BACK ( always).

Anyways today I just really wanted to say hello! So.....Hello! How are you? Are you happy & well?

I figured I'd say hello today instead of Friday, because Friday I'll defiantly be sick! :D *STAYS POSITIVE*
You know like you can tell the day before that you'll be sick (wtf..or is it just me?). My throat has been sore on&off today. My nose has been running a maaaaaaarathon (so annoying and disgusting I swear). Also my dark circles are like a new shade of grey. *softly weeps* -- NO! I AM FINE! I must make today last as much as I can, before tomorrow....before transformation of being SICK. And Saturday I go to Momo-con! It's an anime convention for all yall who don't celebrate the art of kawaii and anime. MUST DRINK LOTS OF ORANGE JUICE!!! I am determined to break the world record and only be sick for 1 day ONE DAY!!! I will go on a orange juice binge, and over-dose on Vitamin C pills! WAHAHAHAHAA.

Enough of that....

Today is not technically an "ootd". It's more of a "HEY LOOK AT THIS RANDOM PICTURE!" So yeah LOOK AT THIS RANDOM PICTURE! It literally took 5 minutes, but I needed an excuse to talk to you guys. *sob* Also I just wanted to clear up that I am MOST DEFINITELY not cocky. I don't see my self "highly". However you are all my peasants because I am > than you. Ok. Noooo I joke. I love you all and appreciate all my readers! Anyone who takes the time to deal with my level of sarcastic-ness, and bitch about IMVU always...ALWAYS has a place in my heart. xoxo

Kawaii Imvu

So Fetch.
OH! Follow my Tumblr ok. And abuse my ask box
Buh-Bye! Kiss kiss! xoxo

[Random Lana gif because that's my boo]
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