August 30, 2012

Can't get enough of me?

Kawaii people of the world attention!  I am now officially apart of Jenn's blog.  Yes, I'm going to help her out and co-write on her blog!  Of course this is still going to be my main so don't worry.  But if you just seriously cannot get enough of me, or Jenn then go to her blog, and read my first conceited post.  Where I accidentally make myself sound like a bimbo!  I'm just fantastical.  Also I have like 20 new ideas for the blog, and this time I wrote them down!  They'll last me all till Christmas.  Ugh, I love me.  Here's a sneak peak photo~ read to see the rest! Hurry hurry! Click away.  Saturday my special post will be arriving!  This was just a quick update.  But if you're still confused, I'm sure Jenn will talk more about this tomorrow!

Kawaii Imvu

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August 28, 2012

Careless Fashion #8 Salmon Realness

Mommy's back!  Don't worry.  I've been adjusting to school, but it's all good now. 
(Teachers throwing essays at me like I got no social life)

Today's care-less fashion is a little bit different.  It's not a style you guys seen me in! And since I haven't blogged in 2 weeks (7 months in internet years) I'll just get started! 

In all honesty I just threw a whole bunch of stuff together and called it fashion. careless of me.

*Side note-  I am still kawaii. Always.
*Side side note (wtf)- Click to enlarge!
Imvu Fashion
Imvu Fashion
This is one of the most prettiest dresses I've seen on IMVU, that's the tea.  And it's a high-fishtail skirt!  My favorite,  but they are slowly going out of style *sob sob*.  Why must everything I like DIE!?  I'm also now into salmon-ish tones, because they match my cheeks of course.  I just really love everything about this dress, and it's so attention stealing. Life of the party. 2 fetch 4 u. Totally.


Imvu Bindi
"OMG YOU'RE WEARING A BINDI...JUDGING YOU GURL!" I know it's considered offensive if you wear a bindi for fashion.  But I can't help myself they're so pretty (like me), but I've done my research and respect it's background. Trust.  For those who are also so vain it's by Zelotic! The hair was chosen for me by the beautiful, talented, and lovable Jenn!  Yes my co-writer.  Thank you Jenn!  It's by 0bey, who we all know and love.  Don't ever stop making products! 
Imvu Jeffrey Campbell
Jeffery Campbell's of course.  Campbell's and Campbell's only.  Made by Fine who makes everything so perf. Ty!
The tattoo which I have no clue as to what it says, is by FEDEEZ.  Maybe someone knows where this script originated from, so I know what I'm wearing??  What if it's about something totally un-kawaii like gunz and weedz. Fuck my kawaii life.

Anyways either Friday or Saturday I'm going to try and create a new official topic.  I want something new & nice (hopefully as good as spotlight and careless fashion).  Something different!  I've got a few days to brainstorm.  Hopefully this post will keep you guys full till then. I  Promise I won't chicken out and not post at all.  Till then my kawaii readers!  Also a special thanks to all my newest readers for joining, and of course my veterans. Salute to you!  Suggest? Comments? Requests? I don't bite! Mwah x !!
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August 10, 2012

Imvu Kawaii Queen

Bonjour ladies and ladyboys.  I am BACK! Let me rephrase that...THE QUEEN IS BACK!  The pale bitch is back (White as Snow)!  All hail.

I have exciting and I mean EXCITING new material to show you guys, no joke ok! Btw I didn't know you guys liked Kyary!( Well there'll be more where that came from) I feel reborn, energized, inspired!....But at the same time overly dead from waking up at 5am every day (dedicated)!  I have bags-u under my bags-u.  Not cute honey! 50 pounds of make-up help though wtf.

Over the course of the Summer I gradually went blank on writing!  I don't know if you guys noticed my writing skills towards the end of Summer ,but gdamn HORRIBLE (tried to hide it)!  Don't worry I'm in a rehabilitation facility, called school!  I've been writing down alot of ideas down for the blog, I'm not lazy anymore ok!  It's time to take this blog to a whole notha level mami!  I realized how cheerful you guys make me feel (even if you don't talk)~!  So I'm not neglecting you guys anymore! Unless I have an excuse of course....  

Also I noticed it's getting a little painful to find new KAWAII creators, but don't worry.   The queen knows all (Or suggest creators in the chat)! Stay Kute n' Kawaii! 

P.S : What do you think of the new format?  I know it took me eternity, but there were countless to choose from (kawaii explosion).  
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August 9, 2012

First Day Jitters

ERMERGERD. Jenn here. ;D I'm starting school in less than two and a half hours. ;~; I'M SO NERVOUS. DX I woke up at 5 am. DAFUQ? Normally, it's IMPOSSIBRU to wake me up. Not trying to offend anyone, but it is hard. xD THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID. <~< Okay, gotta focus. Cuppi handled her first day like a pro. She thinks I am. HAHAHAH, no. First days are always the worst because my  school is new. Like, no joke. It was built in 2010. It's freaking chaotic. I don't get to eat lunch cause errybody forgot their damn lunch number. =~=  Like DAFUQ. Five numbers. Srsly? This year I have c lunch. [last year I had A so I ate at like 10:15 e.e] And I only know three people. Is this my life? ;~; -DRAMA BOMB- Nononono. I got dis shit. I'ma walk all up in dat bitch wit my stunna shades on. Fuck yea. Watch out, bitchez. Jenn ain't scared. >;o ANYWHORE. I gotta go. [boo, fuckin' school man, messin wit my blog posts. D:<] I need to start getting ready. c; Much love and stay beautiful,
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August 5, 2012

What's New!?

HAYYYYY GAIZZZZ. Jenn here! I know I'm late, don't keel meee. x.x Anywhore, I thought 'd start off by saying SUMMER'S OVA. Well, not for me. I don't start until Thursday. Sophomore year, bitchezzzz. I got allll of my school shopping done before july even started. [I'm a huge dork when it comes to school. *-*] I've recently gotten into Japanese music. [random, but wtvr] More specifically [did I spell that right? Meh, I don't care. =o=] creepy ass Japanese music. OH DAMN, THUNDER. It's storming as I'm writing this, and for those that don't know, I'm a HUGE wuss when it comes to storms. x.x [get yo laughing over with >~>] Oh and, this is more personal, but I thought I'd add a little bit about IMVU in here. I met someone. His name is... Why y'all wanna know my boyfriend's name anyway? =w= He's British, I'll leave it at that. GO CRAZY, IMAGINATIONS! Oh and I thought I'd talk about shipping. If you don't know what that is...LEAVE WHILE YOU STILL CAN! Loljk, but srsly. I'm still a little confused about it myself. Apparently it's where you're like...paired up with a celebrity? There's a name for that already. It's called "ain't gonna happen". Or more commonly "keep dreaming, sista". >o< I'm gonna end my post before someone bitch slaps me. I LOVE YOU GAIZ. Much love and stay beautiful,
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August 3, 2012

Summer is Over

Konnichi-wa-wa !  So if you're like me, then this week was hectic.  Bitches pushing bitches for that one tube top. Moms playing bumper carts grabbing notebooks on sale for 99 cents.  Kids complaining that they need a new look, so bitch and moan about their clothes.  But why? WHY!  Summer times over (crying).  Unfortunately I didn't save up enough money to buy a time machine, wtf?  It's really hard jumbling my internet life and my real life.  Coz of this I have to decide whether to spend more time in rl......or the internet.  What do I sound like?  A loser? Pffftt!  I have no choice (well I do) but to say goodbye to you till I get comfy, and adjust to school.  Or you could all pitch in $5 so we could buy an island, and roam naked reading my blog (your call).  In short school starts in 2 days, and I have absolutely no time to do nuthin.  Unlike Jenn who doesn't start school till the middle of August.  So run along little children to Auntie Jenn for a post.'s Friday.  She'll be here anyways.  Also if you guys actually care about me you would have notice that my last two post were so bland.  Wanna know why?  BECAUSE YOU GUYS AREN'T ENCOURAGING ME TO MAKE NICE POST!  Why do you think I left a chat box?  For decoration? NO!  This isn't a library where you read silently. SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS!  It makes me feel alone........I know you're there.  I check the ratings.  You're not a ninja.  I see you.  I SEE YOU!  So talk to me, unless you like boring post.  SeeU when I SeeU (If you read my Ramen post).

P.S:  The blog theme should be updated soon (so many different themes to choose from)!
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