November 24, 2012

Let's be Models for the Day

Me and Jenn become models for the day!  I'm not even gonna lie SUPER FUN LA!  Seriously if this is what usual IMVU models do on a day-to-day basis, then please SIGN ME AND JENN UP OMG!  Because I had alot of fun, and got alot of good practice doing quick edits!

So we decided to do themes.  And at one point this bitch wanted to do emo.  I was so lost and dyke looking that I gave up.  Jenn looked hot though.  (Jenn we should do this again, even though it takes me ages to finish the pics up).  LOL.  We never got to finish our finale (KFC).  Maybe next post.  Haha.  Hope you guys enjoy though!

Kawaii Imvu

This one is my favorite !  We're both so kawaii (#Rare photo of Jenn being kawaii).  This is like my favorite outfit!  I wore it in my "Cuppi and the Anons" post!  Jenn is wearing......I actually don't know go ask her on her blog. So kawaii.  Kawaii points +100 !! ^_^

Imvu Model

This was actually the first photo we took. It's our casual wear!  Both wearing streetwear, I love it (of course I wear a bindhi  LOL) I cannot stress how hot Jenn is always.  She's like never caught off-guard.  Always hot n' ready.  Like fast food.

Imvu Model

Me and Jenn are now officially twins!  I'm trying my hardest to fit into her family >_<!  (Please bare with me Jenn, am trying my hardest).  But this edit was done in Fireworks if anyone was wondering.  I'm so glad I'm learning! Weeeeeeeeeeee~  Got that grunge effect.  My favorite.

I'm not showing the emo because it's just a mess.  Just a mess gurl.  You don't even wanna know. Lol.  But if you do, send me three easy payments of 500 rupees ^_^. RUPEEEEEEEEEEES!  

Anyways if Jenn ever wants to do this again, totally!  It was fun, and I didn't feel any stress what so ever.  It was smooth.  Mm, I like that.  Tootle-loo~

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November 22, 2012

[ Turkey Noises ]

(I don't eat so nothing to do la)


omg kill me
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November 21, 2012

Kawaii School Hairstyles by S0L

If I went to IMVU school how would my hair be????? Thanks to S0L it'd look pretty damn fine.
I went for the Japanese/Anime/Innocent type of look. I love buying my hurr from S0L, it's like a combination of different hairs all blended into one.  Different and kawaii, omg 2 for 1 good deal, k.  I'm in love with that honey brown color.  Unnf.

Earlier  I was talking  to my new friend Chee & he complained I needed a sig. "because people can find you + creds".  Ok la made a sig. in 5 minutes.  Lol I need an award for being so lazy.  This is just a template-base of future one (too lazy to do it all today -sigh-).  Like I said before ( or I think I said)  i'm stepping up my A-game.  Really slowly....but I'm getting there.

Thanks to help of all my friends & readers.  Love the support. ^_^

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November 18, 2012

Cuppi and the Anons

What have I been doing with my life seriously?  What is life?

Has anyone noticed that time is going uncontrollably fast? I wasn't ready for the first day of school, homecoming (wasn't going anyway),  I am always ready for Halloween. And I am definitely not ready for Thanksgiving.  At all.  I literally have not made any plans or even thought about it once.  Am I just becoming an extreme procrastinator or is time--.....DON'T TELL ME IT'S JUST ME! I DON'T LIKE TIHS! OMG If I'm not ready for Christmas.  Dead to me.  Just dead.

Time waits for no one.  (Ref from anime film "The Girl Who Leaped through Time".  Ok all time fav.  Go watch. Now. Seriously.)

On to today's post!  So I had some thought on this for awhile.  And ya know what YOLO LOL.  I'm releasing the hounds.  You no longer need to be a registered member of Blogger to comment on my posts!  Anons go wild.  I don't know...I just need that ying & yang of compliments and critics.  LET'S GO!

Here's a short little skit I pulled together of : 
The life of an Anon & Me. Enjoy! ^_^


I'm sure I just encouraged trolling by 100% ! Happy commenting! Thanks for reading guys~
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November 6, 2012

Madoka Magica: Sayaka

Sayaka from the popular anime Madoka Magica!

Outfit created by : Tentacles 

IMVU Sayaka Madoka Magica

IMVU Sayaka Madoka Magica

IMVU Sayaka Madoka Magica

IMVU Sayaka Madoka Magica

IMVU Sayaka Madoka Magica

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November 5, 2012

Nauseated November

Flu season is here!  Why am I always the first to get it?  *sob sob*

I tried to endure it earlier while I was attempting to write a  post earlier (sweet of me), but it was literally like I had a spray bottle equipped.  If my sneezes and rainy coughs were made with the same ingredients as lovely Windex, my laptop would be spotless right now.  Disgusting.  I know.

I was so sick all I could think of was sick, so I was going to make a blog post of sick.  LOL

But now that my flu is parting, I'm  going out and wearing high-waisted shorts in the cold weather. Fuck it.  I think it's well deserved for the pain I went through those brutal two days.  Agreed?

Just use make-up darling.

Beautiful on the outside, but a fucking wreck on the inside.  Story of my life.

OMG my lucky day to find this lazy-wear sweater.  So cute.  I can't function right now.  What was life like without this sweater?  I don't remember.  I'm really diggin' this hair color too! It's so soft and silky looking.  Loooooooooooove.



TEAM CUPPY ! As in Cuppi-Chan?  Yippeeeeeee!!!! ^_^
Bye guys , thanks for reading! Much appreciated! 
  (Also after much consideration have unlocked anonymous, for easier commenting)

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