June 1, 2012

I'm part Furry

I'm not going to WW till next week. Not looking forward to that, but anyways new post!  I was originally going to do a Careless Fashion, but then cuddling with my puppy I was like...FURRY POST FURRY POST!  We all go through  phases and one of my phases back then was being a furry.  I actually like furries to be honest, and might go back.  Their rooms are so colorful and stuffed with fun things to play with!  Don't get me started with the furry community, they're all awesome people.  And cuddling is a must.  So today I went through the "My Outfits" archives searching for my furry outfits! 

My first outfit leaned sort of to the kawaii side of furries, but at the same time it was very revealing.  Some furries like to wear clothing and others like to be naked.  I placed myself in the middle. The skin is from Pop, it can also be used as a "Human Skin", but  it's just to pale for me.  The super cute ears and tail are by 80s.

Still stuck on kawaii this outfit actually landed me to be a furry model!  I didn't even know those existed and I was actually payed well.  Unfortunately I was ready to be a "human" again so I quit.  Btw skin by Emerz.

Then after a few months I was back baby!  I was super short too lol.  I wasn't as kawaii as before because I wanted to be a legit furry.  I couldn't go all the way though like how some people have the muzzles and hair chest thing going on.

Then I sorta lost the kawaii feeling and tried to make the transition from kawaii to cute.  Which some people would say is the same thing.  BUT IT'S NOT OK!  Those two words have different meanings!


Those were the best of the best from each time period.  Right now I like being human more than being furry. Being a furry to me feels like I'm in character, because of the constant role-playing .  I think I progressed from when I first started.  I looked more human then furry before, right??  Don't tell me I looked cuter back then....dead. Bye lovies! 


  1. Hi,would you designee one of these for me? If not I will make one myself.If you will take my request I will tell you what she should look like.Note: I don't do real money so if I have to pay money.Don't take me request.
    Thank you

    1. I'm sorry dear , but I don't make furries anymore. I posted this 9 months ago.


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