February 8, 2015

VDAY - Hidden Temptress

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-"How's that feel?"
- "気持ちいい"

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February 5, 2015

Valentines Sweet Peach Look

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For this valentines coordinate I wanted to focus on the innocence of a youthful face with lots of peachy tones. This look features a very soft baby doll make up look by creator Nexos '害羞. Dacota.'. I created the youthful look using the head  by Elfe '◬ kawaii punk head'. This particular type of head style has large round eyes, and cutesy chubby cheeks. **Sidenote: I chose Carey Mulligan as an inspiration to this pure valentines day outfit. The hair from Nexos '害羞. Luna Blond.' gives us a cute bubbly playful effect. I chose a sharp shaped brow by Zephyr '. lgt blnd natural brows' to capture the attention of the audience to the eyes, but used a soft color of blue on the eyes from Capsule 'ᴄᴀᴘ | SKY. eyes l' to emphasize the innocents in this look.

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I styled the soft face with a nude simple dress from Elfe 'ㅔlike a princess -fl'. I really love the floral pattern, as well as the laced ends which add to the angelic girl look. The print is not to overwhelming, so it does not drown the face out.

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The nude color heels by Lovers 'See through Stiletto's' color-match nicely with the dress, and thankfully does not take away the attention of the face. 

imvu tumblr

Who can forget about the lovely poses featured in this post? The standing pose used in the photo above is by Autim 'Mea.'. The poses used throughout these poses are a combination of two different pose sets from MWC the 'Laying Pose Pack (F)' and 'Beloved Pose Pack'

Stay tuned for the night time look xx  

(All items in these photos shown are bold and link to the product on IMVU shop, so please don't ask what a particular product is because I will legit cry.) 
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February 4, 2015

A Message to My Readers

Valentines day is coming up !!!! You know what that meaaaaans? Valentines day inspired posts! Before I go on about that..

 I JUST WANNA APOLOGIZE FOR THE RANDOM ADS ON MY BLOG. I know some of you might have stumbled onto the blog while I was testing Adsense, and saw ads in random places all over my blog, and it looked weird, and I apologize, and I like the word "and"... I'm still debating on whether or not I'd like ads to begin with. Especially after I saw the type of ads they'd chosen to be on my blog (ex: How to remove a wart??Wtf?) . I'm sorry if I'm about to sound like a princess right now but: If ads are going to be placed on my website I want ones that'd be beneficial to you guys. Such as virtual worlds, mmo's, ect. No one wants to see Careless Fashion on the left hand side, and then a frEAKING BIG MOLE AD ON THE RIGHT SIDE!!11!1 So for now I'm taking them down until I understand Adsense a bit more. /rant

Anyways I'm really excited to think of some Valentine date outfits for you readers, and maybeee for you male readers too. If I even have any??? As well as cute date rooms, and so on. This was just a little heads-up for what will be happening in the next two weeks on the blog.

While you wait you can read the Valentines inspired posts from 2013 (yes they are ancient). They are a little embarrassing for me to read, because I can't believe I talked with such enthusiasm..... 

(Please don't ask about the hair/skin/ect. on these outfits because it's very difficult for me to pinpoint the exact products. These outfits have long been deleted and gone from two years of "spring cleaning" my looks.) 

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January 23, 2015

Careless Fashion #13 : Schoolgirl Moe

Naughty little kitty go meow! Yes daddy! I'm a big girl now (=^w^=).
(lyrics from 'Cookie Thumpa' if you're thinking I'm currently crazy )

#13 of careless fashion right now! FULL THROTTLE LET'S GO!!

kawaii imvu

The vision for this look was little school girl. The funny thing about this coordinate is I actually own it in real life! Minus the heart top....just a basic black long sleeve crop top for me *cry cry*. YES I WEAR KITTY EARS IN PUBLIC. I remember reading an article somewhere of some girl raging about how annoying it was for her to see girls with kitty ears in public. Whenever I wear my ears I always get lots of compliments when I wear my ears, so I don't get nervous about encountering people like her AND YOU SHOULDN'T EITHER. If you guys are nervous about wearing them, or something similar DON'T BE SCARED! Wear whatever makes you happy!! If you ever do come across someone like that blogger (which you probably want), pose like a harmless little moe to really set them off! 

azusa nakano

"What did you say about my kitty ears?"

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January 22, 2015

Busy Working Cuppi Bee

Hello my lovely cherubs! I feel like I've been only inactive for one month, but no it's been three wtf....I'm so sorry. You guys all know by now how neglectful, lazy, and a HUGE procrastinator I am. I really wish I had a manager who ruled with an iron-fist to keep me on my feet #toughlove. I think I just might get one actually. Unfortunately the only person who pushes me to deliver new posts is myself. I come up with the topic, outfit, design, ect. It's actually really hard work (BUT SUPER FUN AND REWARDING), so yes I can be veryyyyyyyyyyyyy lazy at times. I NEED A TEAM. Plus I've never saw myself as a strong writer, or an interesting person (which is why I get severe writer's block). I literally start my sentences via text message: ok, so, and, but, um, well, and like. I have no idea how I'm surviving currently in an advanced literature course. Okkk I'm getting off topic (notice how I started with ok >>)

kawaii imvu

But anyway I came here to explain my dilemma I am currently facing. Do I continue creating outfits, making posts, designing images, ect. OR Do I go..*dun dun dunnn*

This is something I've been really thinking about these past few days guys. NO I DID NOT FORGET ABOUT YOU GUYS THESE LAST THREE MONTHS!! I watch my stats for this blog, and leaving while my numbers are increasing is heartless and something Kanye would do. However I've been very busy. I am going to college very soon (I'll talk about how I feel about that later). I know there are some devs who somehow juggle jobs, college, social-life, plus IMVU???????? Renaissance woman/uh..man or what? Idk how.. but they do. Not sure if I can do that but i'll try. I'm going to try or DIE TRYING (lmao jk my life isn't that serious). 

Of course you'll all eventually move on, and maybe I'll get the next generation of IMVU users reading my blog if I somehow create a schedule I can actually follow. But it's just courtesy to thank you guys for ALL you've given me. Did you guys see how much you've sharpened my skills (click)??? I JUST LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCHHHH WTFFF!! 

Talk to you all soon~!! xoxo 
Hopefully this post gives you some insight on why I've been so inactive lately..

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