January 23, 2015

Careless Fashion #13 : Schoolgirl Moe

Naughty little kitty go meow! Yes daddy! I'm a big girl now (=^w^=).
(lyrics from 'Cookie Thumpa' if you're thinking I'm currently crazy )

#13 of careless fashion right now! FULL THROTTLE LET'S GO!!

kawaii imvu

The vision for this look was little school girl. The funny thing about this coordinate is I actually own it in real life! Minus the heart top....just a basic black long sleeve crop top for me *cry cry*. YES I WEAR KITTY EARS IN PUBLIC. I remember reading an article somewhere of some girl raging about how annoying it was for her to see girls with kitty ears in public. Whenever I wear my ears I always get lots of compliments when I wear my ears, so I don't get nervous about encountering people like her AND YOU SHOULDN'T EITHER. If you guys are nervous about wearing them, or something similar DON'T BE SCARED! Wear whatever makes you happy!! If you ever do come across someone like that blogger (which you probably want), pose like a harmless little moe to really set them off! 

azusa nakano

"What did you say about my kitty ears?"

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January 22, 2015

Busy Working Cuppi Bee

Hello my lovely cherubs! I feel like I've been only inactive for one month, but no it's been three wtf....I'm so sorry. You guys all know by now how neglectful, lazy, and a HUGE procrastinator I am. I really wish I had a manager who ruled with an iron-fist to keep me on my feet #toughlove. I think I just might get one actually. Unfortunately the only person who pushes me to deliver new posts is myself. I come up with the topic, outfit, design, ect. It's actually really hard work (BUT SUPER FUN AND REWARDING), so yes I can be veryyyyyyyyyyyyy lazy at times. I NEED A TEAM. Plus I've never saw myself as a strong writer, or an interesting person (which is why I get severe writer's block). I literally start my sentences via text message: ok, so, and, but, um, well, and like. I have no idea how I'm surviving currently in an advanced literature course. Okkk I'm getting off topic (notice how I started with ok >>)

kawaii imvu

But anyway I came here to explain my dilemma I am currently facing. Do I continue creating outfits, making posts, designing images, ect. OR Do I go..*dun dun dunnn*

This is something I've been really thinking about these past few days guys. NO I DID NOT FORGET ABOUT YOU GUYS THESE LAST THREE MONTHS!! I watch my stats for this blog, and leaving while my numbers are increasing is heartless and something Kanye would do. However I've been very busy. I am going to college very soon (I'll talk about how I feel about that later). I know there are some devs who somehow juggle jobs, college, social-life, plus IMVU???????? Renaissance woman/uh..man or what? Idk how.. but they do. Not sure if I can do that but i'll try. I'm going to try or DIE TRYING (lmao jk my life isn't that serious). 

Of course you'll all eventually move on, and maybe I'll get the next generation of IMVU users reading my blog if I somehow create a schedule I can actually follow. But it's just courtesy to thank you guys for ALL you've given me. Did you guys see how much you've sharpened my skills (click)??? I JUST LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCHHHH WTFFF!! 

Talk to you all soon~!! xoxo 
Hopefully this post gives you some insight on why I've been so inactive lately..

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October 25, 2014

Halloween Queens

kawaii imvu

Hey guys! Halloween is next week! I'm super excited~ I've always loved Halloween. It gives me an excuse to dress up in cute costumes! However I always hated Halloween being on the last day of October. Basically meaning when we're well into fall, so it's 50-60 degrees out. COLD WEATHER NEVER STOPPED ME!!!!!! This year I'm dressing as a nurse~ mwahahaha. xoxo

(Costumes from KisatheCutie ~ she has alot of amazing costumes to choose from) 
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October 11, 2014

Gone Girl

imvu outfits

Hello my lovely sweet sweet cherubs. I haven't been active on the blog for quite some time....two months. I'm so sorry. My failure to be a responsible blogger hasn't gone unpunished though (for those of you who want to stage a readers coup). Many incredible opportunities I could have received from IMVU scouts & such are now out the window *sniff*

Literally when I leave all the cool stuff happens. It's like you guys are doing it on purpose. The amount of traffic I've gotten in the last two months is beyond alarming. Like.... do you guys actually like me enough to check back every once in a while for a new post wtf?  

I guess now I should explain why I've been gone for so long....*gulp*
um....how..do I ...say..this.....................welllllllllllllllllll...................................um....basically.....erm. *cough*..............IMVU barely interests me. I DON'T KNOW WHY! Please call a doctor because idk what's wrong with mE!! One minute I'm happy & super inspired to make so many post, then the next day I just shut down. I didn't even slowly start showing less and less interest. It was in an instant, like cold turkey instant. Though I'm not going to leave you guys (appreciate you guys to much). I can't, and I won't. Maybe it's just another bloggers block phase. I hope..xx

kawaii imvu

imvu tumblr

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July 25, 2014

Summertime Fun !

kawaii imvu

Hey readers I hope you're having a fantastic Summer~ 

Here's an adorable swimsuit I wanted to share from one of my favorite creators Karu


[image redirects to this product on IMVU shops]

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