July 25, 2014

Summertime Fun !

kawaii imvu

Hey readers I hope you're having a fantastic Summer~ 

Here's an adorable swimsuit I wanted to share from one of my favorite creators Karu


[image redirects to this product on IMVU shops]

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July 6, 2014

An IMVU blogger was born !

cute imvu

Hello my little cupcakes ٩(●˙▿˙●) ! Today I wanted to explain how KawaiiestIMVU came to be, since i've been blogging for almost three accomplished years! I can't believe it's been this long & continuous. I just wanna quickly give my thanks to you guys for inspiring me, motivating me , and giving me that drive to keep going! For those of you who don't believe that you've supported me....I HAVE PROOF(^_^) ! 

Just look at all this growth from all your support! ☆☆
imvu fashion


Let's get to what got me into blogging and what made me choose IMVU. It was actually decided out of ignorance and whim. I never ever EVER would've guessed anyone would read my blog, not a single soul. I mean..I occasionally thought maybe every once in a while someone would accidental stumble on my blog but that was really it. (|||❛︵❛.)

I became excited about blogging when my sweet friend Jenn showed me her blog ~click here~ (she still updates on her crazy daily life (*~▽~)). I instantly thought about how entertaining it'd be for me to create my own blog for future nostalgia. At the time I was ALWAYS on IMVU as well as obsessed with the kawaii culture (dominating IMVU at the time). BOOM. Signed-up, and got to blogging instantly. And because the blog was originally for my personal pleasure it explains why (if you've been here from last year back) my first post "The Kawaii Cult of IMVU" was originally sarcastic and cheeky. If you click it now it has been fully tweaked from a sudden impulse I had in 2013. Do I regret going back and messing with an ancient blog post? Yes. (-、-)

kawaii imvu


Basically what I'm trying to say is anybody no matter how boring, unskilled, and shy (my traits btw) you are, you can become a blogger if you seek interest in it! In no way/shape/form was my "how it began" story a sign from God, or at all special. It was born from a casual conversation I had with a friend. If you're longing to become a blogger but are hesitant about how people may view you, just remember to have confidence in yourself. Back then I used to think my avatar outfits were hideous, and uncoordinated (I really have no idea what possessed me to make an IMVU outfit blog). So no I wasn't conceited back then and thought I was the "kawaiiestIMVU". I realized the only reason I thought this, was because no one looked identical to me, so there was no one to really compare myself to. Because in all honesty I just wanted to fit-in back then. But you guys have really gotten me far from my comfort zone lol. I really appreciate it ∩˙▿˙∩!! Just believe in yourself, stay confident, and no matter what.. stay original!!! Don't just be another avatar clone. (இ﹏இ`。)

imvu outfits

I hope to see you readers in the blogging world x ⊙▽⊙
If you do have a blog fill free to post it in the comments below !! Let's support one another ☆

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May 17, 2014

Finals Exams = Make or Break

Hey readers ! So where we last left off I wrote:

           " This concludes this post of the little Lolita series. I've been searching up different styles, and really wanna try classic Lolita. No promises though! (。・//ε//・。) Tune in next week ! This series is so exciting honestly! Thanks for reading dolls! Till next time~ "

I said next week heheh...what I meant to say was next month. (▰˘︹˘▰) Honestly I was like struggling to create an outfit for you guys, or talk about anything interesting. The month of May is always a toughie because my school district ALWAYS wants to be the best. Meaning they want us learning & performing 100% maximum over-drive! For example we had to go to school during a snow storm warning. They were like "Pshhh it's not gonna snow, them news people dunno what they are talking about heh". Result? We got caught in a snow storm and many students had to spend the night at school, as they had no way of getting home. *facepalm*. So during the course of April & May I have taken a performance exam in all 6 classes, SPG Exam for all 6, SPG Writing Exam for 2, EOCT in 2, and of course next week are finals for all six. Party. 彡(-_-;)彡

But honestly I wouldn't be complaining if it wasn't 80 questions back-to-back and writing essays on boring topics like eating healthy. Why eat healthy when there is pizza though? So when it came to using my brain to create IMVU outfits and write entries when I returned home.. I was like ..heh nawwww. (⌣_⌣”)

However the good news is.....schools out next Thursday !! Woo-hoo (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Till then !

And for all of you out there lol..

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April 19, 2014

Lolita Series: Queen of Sweets !

I promised a sweetly filled post last time and I come with a treat! A very yummy treat~ (๑>ᴗ<๑) Although I'm kind of debating on whether or not this would be classified as sweet lo or casual lo...I'M NOT AN EXPERT AT THIS STUFF GUYSSS!! I am learning (✖╭╮✖) .  Call it whatever you like, it's still sweet hehe.

Okay, can I just, say something crazy? I looooove this dress so much! From the donut print, too the peter pan collar...I AM IN LOVE! The baby blue w the baby pink colors gives this dress such a youthful flare! Like at 42 I would literally still wear this dress (or is that weird)? Idk I just really like the texture of this dress. I really genuinely do. And you guys KNOW I love when my blush matches my outfit *proof here* .
The dress is by Prota it's called "Doughnut Onepiece Dress" 770c. Prota makes a lot of cutesy things including several adorable dresses. Sweet Lolita ?? (。♥‿♥。)

Here's a close-up on the dress. Be right back, my mouth is watering! Glazed, sprinkled, and jelly-filled doughnuts. Yum!


 The ribbon also by Prota is decorated in sweet candies. Lollipops & ribbons. I also decided to wear a simple creamy wedges almost like doughnut icing.


This concludes this post of the little Lolita series. I've been searching up different styles, and really wanna try classic Lolita. No promises though! (。・//ε//・。) Tune in next week ! This series is so exciting honestly! Thanks for reading dolls! Till next time~
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April 9, 2014

Lolita Series : Good Lolita, Gone Bad

Hello my charming readers. I haven't spoken to you all in a pretty long time, to be more specific...since February. Wtf? I don't know. I legitimately don't have a campy excuse this time. Other than the fact that time goes by fast srsly wtf? I swear that post was like two weeks ago.... NOT TWO MONTHS? Or maybe it's the fact that Jew is posting, so it makes me assume I posted just recently. Isn't she great? She's fantastic tbh. I mean, I don't have to bug her or anything to make posts. She loves you guys, and her ideas are so fresh so clean - Outkast. Ok enough of this high praise. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ  /end fangirl

Ok so today I wanted to start a new series on Lolita fashion! Not Lolita fashion as in Lolita 1997 version (I would totally do that just saying call me a pedo). I am seriously obsessed with all things Lolita...BOTH Lolita's to be exact. Like I would totally name my daughter Lolita, but I think she'd hate me if she ever one day Google searched the meaning of her name. Trust me it will happen, we all Google search the meaning of our names at one point in our life.

I also wanted to do this partly because I will be going to Momocon dressed up as a Lo! [screams internally] \(T∇T)/ I am filled with happiness. Sweet Lo tho.

Let's Begin: Gothic Lolita
gothic lolita anime
gothic lolita anime
Here is the front and back view of this just.....highly detailed dress, my god. Speechless. "+Maria+ II" is priced at 1000c but it's a top and bottom piece. So you're really getting your credits worth. The thing I love about Pharmacist is the high attention to detail in all her dresses. Yes it's pricy but my god did you see that tail coat?
imvu emo

Here you can see all the little details she put in: from the ribbon, to the frilliness, and the cute little buttons. I look so bad ass. ( ̄ー ̄)

imvu kawaii

I chose to wear pig-tails to give it that adolescent flare, and fangs because idk #yolo.
kawaii imvu

Look at my fangs, they are so lovely! Wouldn't you want me to sneak into your room in the middle of the night and give your neck a lil' pinch (◡‿◡✿). The fangs are from Monstre "M | Fangbanger :: Silver" 
imvu lolita
Lastly a side-by-side look at the dress. The boots were specifically made for this outfit! "+Maria+ Boots I" priced at 750c.
Hope you find this series appealing. Next time will be something in the sweet series. Thank you for staying dedicated, and patiently awaiting me and Jew's posts. I really do appreciate you readers. I don't know if I say that enough.

Oh also!!! Just like last time I forgot the birthday of kawaiiestimvu. I WON'T FORGET NEXT TIME I SWEAR! But KawaiiestIMVU is now officially two years old! My baby growing so fast. Soon she'll be starting school, then driving, then college////crying.
Happy Birthday to us! 38,000 readers and still growing strong. Ily. ( ˘ ³˘)❤ Just thank you everyone for the support, and lovely comments. Just...thank you.
~March 1st 2012~
(Yes I was a month late, I am a really bad mother)

imvu kawaii
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