January 23, 2015

Careless Fashion #13 : Schoolgirl Moe

Naughty little kitty go meow! Yes daddy! I'm a big girl now (=^w^=).
(lyrics from 'Cookie Thumpa' if you're thinking I'm currently crazy )

#13 of careless fashion right now! FULL THROTTLE LET'S GO!!

kawaii imvu

The vision for this look was little school girl. The funny thing about this coordinate is I actually own it in real life! Minus the heart top....just a basic black long sleeve crop top for me *cry cry*. YES I WEAR KITTY EARS IN PUBLIC. I remember reading an article somewhere of some girl raging about how annoying it was for her to see girls with kitty ears in public. Whenever I wear my ears I always get lots of compliments when I wear my ears, so I don't get nervous about encountering people like her AND YOU SHOULDN'T EITHER. If you guys are nervous about wearing them, or something similar DON'T BE SCARED! Wear whatever makes you happy!! If you ever do come across someone like that blogger (which you probably want), pose like a harmless little moe to really set them off! 

azusa nakano

"What did you say about my kitty ears?"

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